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The K- mix machine range provides a fast and easy process for emulsifying, dissolving &homogenizing all kind of creams, ointments, mascara, suspensions, within the low to high viscosity range.

SWISS QUALITY HOMOGENISING process ensures a proven product quality with long product life guarantee for all your liquids and semi-solids applications.

The K- mix is designed for clean and aseptically processes

Main Features K-Mix Line

Kriegers C–TF Homogenizer: for the guaranteed "SWISS QUALITY HOMOGENISING"

Patented Counter rotating mixing tools that guarantee a controlled product flow and a homogeneous temperature distribution inside the vessel

Patented wall scraper design to guide the product from wall to inside of the vessel

Flush mounted, aseptically crevice free bottom valves

Crevice free vessel design for clean and aseptic applications

5 bar to 2 bar designs (*)

Upscaling guaranteed: Sizes from 50 liters to 5000 liters

Plc control and temperature monitoring

FDA approved design

Exactly repeatable processes