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With over 50years experience behind us, we can provide you with Solid – Liquid separation solutions tailor-made for your requirements irrespective of the industry you are from, whether Medical, Pharmaceutical, Chemical or Food Processing.

From the information you provide us, we try to determine the following:
  • Liquid phase and Solid-phase descriptions.
  • From the given liquid volume what is the amount to be extracted.
  • Quality of required liquid phase/phases targeted concentration of impurities.
  • Amount of available process time/Flow rate.
  • Level of dryness of solids needed.
  • Customers objective of the end process.

From the above data, we determine the type of Centrifuge required for your application.

Training Programme for Clients

Operating our CentrifugeSystems is never a problem, but we also provide training programs on site for our clients to get optimal performance and maximum output from the system.

Maintenance, Repair & Refurbishment

To extend our support to our clients we undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts. The terms of these contracts are determined on a case by case basis by our team after evaluating your system and needs.

We provide spares manufactured by us and help source the ones manufactured by others to enable a smooth, reliable & safe functioning of our client’s systems.

We undertake repair & refurbishment projects for machines designed by us as well as by other OEMs.