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Surface Finish

Mirror or Matt Finish can be provided with Grit 220 & Above on Contact & Non-Contact areas.


A.C. Inverter Drive shall be provided to vary the basket speed with built-in dynamic braking.

Cleaning-In-Place (C.I.P.) Arrangement

Provided in the centrifuge machine to clean the internals of the centrifuge. CIP nozzles are placed at a different location to spray the wash liquid to all the surface which are not accessible from outside. During the cleaning process the centrifuge basket to be operated at a low speed to make cleaning more effective.

The 4-point Suspension

The centrifuge is mounted on inertia platform and suspended over four vibration-isolating dampers. This provides the following unique advantages:

No foundation required

Modular Design with Complete Flexibility to relocate the centrifuge anywhere in the plant.

Drive system (Belt & Pulleys) totally enclosed and can be purged with Nitrogen gas (Flameproof Design).

Four Point Mounting Centrifuge.

We have upgraded all our machines from three point centrifuge machines to four point suspensions.

Cake Sensor (Mechanical / Ultrasonic)

Can be provided to limit the cake thickness in the basket. The range of the cake thickness can be adjusted to avoid material overflow.

“Largest Chemical Peeler Made in India- 1600 mm Diameter x 1000 mm Depth”
  • The horizontal axis of rotation.
  • Robust & reliable design for high throughput & continuous operation.
  • High speed rotating machine, classified as “High G” centrifuges.
  • Higher G-force leads to faster dewatering & lower residual moisture.
  • Designed for ease of cleaning and validation with a fully openable front door.
  • An effective residual heel removing system ensures almost complete removal of the cake after each centrifuging batch.
Zero Speed Interlock

The pneumatic cylinder will automatically get engaged with the lid as soon as basket starts rotating and gets disengaged only when it completely stops which will ensure that the lid can be opened only when the basket comes to a complete halt.

Proximity Sensor

Shall be provided as a safety interlock for the Lid / Body. Unless the Lid / Body is closed motor cannot start and once the lid is opened motor power cuts off.

Vibration Tripper

Will trip the Centrifuge during excessive vibration.

Vibration Monitoring System

This system shall continuously monitor the vibration level of the machine. The system has two set point, one set point is for Alarm level and another set point is for a trip level. The system also gives 4-20 amps output which can be hooked up to PLC.

Nitrogen Blanketing System / Nitrogen Inertisation System

The Nitrogen Inertisation is provided to the centrifuge basket chamber (casing) and to the bearing housing (sealing system). This system shall ensure that during the centrifuge operation the adequate nitrogen pressure is maintained within the basket chamber and bearing housing stuffing box chamber. Therefore, creating a Flame Proof System.

Note: Oxygen Analyzer can be provided in the vent line.


Programmable Logic Controller

All the process cycles of centrifuge operations can be automated through a Programmable Logic Controller. The instruments mounted on the machine will communicate with the PLC system. The process cycles can be specifically designed and programmed to work according to the logic.

Note: Intrinsically Safe Graphical control display (H.M.I) can be provided.

Heel Blowback System

The centrifuge machine is fitted with rest cake heel blowback system, which will remove the rest cake heel after the scraping operation.

Temperature Monitoring System for Bearings

The temperature sensors are fitted in the main bearing housing and will continuously monitor the temperature rise in the bearings. The system will communicate with the PLC & temperature rise can be displayed on the HMI.

Design Variations Available

MOC: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Hastelloy etc.

Coating: Rubber Lined, Halar (ECTFE) Coating, Teflon (PFA) Coating etc.

Note: For any specific requirement for customization please feel free to contact us.

Halar Coated Centrifuge Machines.

Full Body Top Opening Centrifuge.

Technical Specification Centrifuge Model
Details Unit SM CHP 630 SM CHP 630 D SM CHP 800 SM CHP 1000 SM CHP 1250 SM CHP 1600 SM CHP 1600
Basket Diameter mm. 630 630 800 1000 1250 1600 1600
Basket Depth mm. 160 320 400 500 630 800 1000
Volume lts. 20 40 80 170 320 680 860
Max Load kgs. 25 50 100 215 405 850 1075
Max. Rotation Speed rpm. 2400 2400 1900 1500 1200 950 950
Max. Centrifugal Acceleration g. 2000 2000 1600 1250 1002 804 804
Motor Performance kW 7.5 11 18.5 30 37 55 75
Net Weight Kg 2300 2500 4400 7500 13000 23000 28000