Need for Separation

It has always been difficult to separate Solid-Liquid mixtures. Separation processes are applied to extract valuable solids, which are used in the manufacture of Medicines, Vitamins, Various kinds of chemicals.

There are three basic processes used for separation of suspended solids from a liquid media:
  • Sedimentation
  • Filtration
  • Centrifugation

Sedimentation allows solid particles, which are heavier than the liquid media, to separate and sink to the bottom of a container under the influence of gravity.

Filtration incorporates the use of a filter media by its degree of porosity and regulates what may pass through it. Since the filter media collects suspended solids, the material progressively builds up and will eventually impair performance and require removal, cleaning, and /or replacement.

Multiply the power of gravitation by 2,000 times.

Centrifugation is a highly accelerated form of sedimentation. Introducing centrifugal force to solid/liquid media generating a force that can be 2000 times more powerful than gravity itself.

The Role of a Centrifuge

A Centrifugal force is a force which acts on particles moving in a circular path away from the center of the circle. This principle is used in the separation of Solids and Liquids. When a Solid-Liquid mixture in the container is made to rotate about a central axis.

A Centrifuge works by spinning a vessel containing the material to be separated at high speed. The centrifuge spins at high speeds and pushes the heavy particles usually the solids to the peripheral side of the vessel.

By swinging its contents around and using their inertias to make them separate. The various molecules in a centrifuge have different densities. Inertia tends to make each item go straight while the centripetal force caused by revolutions tends to bend them inwards.

There is a tendency for the denser molecule in the centrifuge to travel straighter than less dense items. As a result, a denser molecule is found in the peripheral part of the circular path and less dense ones near the center.

Our Centrifuges use a filter media to separate the solid-liquid mixture. The Liquid passes through the filtrate and is collected in a tank through the mother liquor outlet. While the solid is arrested by the filter media and can be collected in various ways.