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Sukhras Machines formerly known as Textile Art Machinery was established in the 1960’s by the visionary Mr. Tilak Raj Luthra.

Since 1960, Sukhras Machines has been the leading and largest manufacturer, supplier and exporter of highly durable and energy efficient centrifuge machines in India. Our high-quality centrifuge machines find their applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and food processing industries for liquid-solid separation.

Today we have manufactured and commissioned over 8000 Centrifuge Machines for our customers across the globe. Our centrifuge machines and related systems are exported to customers in USA, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Czech Republic, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Turkey, Oman and many others. (We provide ATEX & CE Marked machines)

Sukhras is an ISO 9001 certified company with a strong focus on Quality, Customer Satisfaction & Innovation.

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Manual Top Discharge Centrifuge
OVERVIEW Simple Design & Operation Manual Filter Cake Removal Negligible Heel res...
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Instant Top Discharge Centrifuge
OVERVIEW Filter Bag is lifted with the help of a lifting arrangement along with the detachabl...
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Bottom Discharge Centrifuge
Overview The Solid Filter Cake is cut with the help of a scraper system. Discharge of soli...
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Top Driven Bottom Discharge Centrifuge
OVERVIEW Top Driven design eliminates the belt drive & pulley system. Therefore, reducing...
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Pull Action Bottom Discharge Centrifuge
OVERVIEW Solids will be discharged from the bottom by pulling the filter cloth pneumatically....
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Horizontal Pharma Peeler Centrifuge
OVERVIEW The horizontal axis of rotation. High speed rotating machine, classified as “High
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