The R&D team at Sukhras is constantly innovating and working to improve technology by introducing diverse types of centrifuges, centrifuge systems& accessories for centrifuges. Customer feedback & requirement is a major source of inspiration for these endeavors.

Some of our major breakthroughs have been

Top Driven Bottom Discharge centrifuge (Developed in Collaboration with Sanborn Centrifuge Equipment Inc U.S.A). Supplied to Ecophos-Belgium & Daurala Organics India.

Pull-Action Centrifuge (Developed in Collaboration with Ferrum AG Switzerland)

Largest Horizontal Chemical Peeler Dimension 1600 mm Diameter x 1000 mm Depth. Weighing 28000 Kgs. (Developed in Collaboration with Ferrum AG Switzerland). Supplied to UPL & DCW

Sukhras Machine1
Sukhras Machine2
Sukhras Machine3
Sukhras Machine4
Sukhras Machine5