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  • Top Driven design eliminates the belt drive & pulley system. Therefore, reducing transmission loss & generating higher “G” force.
  • Self-Circulating oil lubricating system to extend bearing life.
  • Durable & maintenance free design.
  • Suitable alternative to peeler centrifuge as it can handle equivalent batch sizes at a more competitive price.
  • The Solid Filter Cake is cut with the help of a single motion serrated scraper blade.
  • Discharge of solids takes place at lower basket speed (around 80 RPM) which promotes gentle handling of the product. In this way, the undesirable breakage of crystals is nearly eliminated.
  • Solids discharge through a single outlet
  • Solids can be Discharged in totally vapor tight condition, thus there are no health hazards to the operator
  • The complete centrifuge is pressure tested as per DIN standard.
  • Handling of discharge solids can be easily done with the help of a conveyor or trolley.
  • No manual contact with cake, thus no contamination.
  • Heel Blow Back system available to dislodge the residual cake
  • Complete operation cycle can be programmed via a PLC, drastically reducing manual labor.
  • Spray jets for efficient washing

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