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  • The horizontal axis of rotation.
  • Robust & reliable design for high throughput & continuous operation.
  • High speed rotating machine, classified as “High G” centrifuges.
  • Higher G-force leads to faster dewatering & lower residual moisture.
  • Designed for ease of cleaning and validation with a fully openable front door.
  • An effective residual heel removing system ensures almost complete removal of the cake after each centrifuging batch.


Mirror or Matt Finish can be provided with Grit 220 & Above on Contact & Non-Contact areas.


A.C.  Inverter Drive shall be provided to vary the basket speed with built-in dynamic braking.


Provided in the centrifuge machine to clean the internals of the centrifuge.  CIP nozzles are placed at a different location to spray the wash liquid to all the surface which are not accessible from outside. During the cleaning process the centrifuge basket to be operated at a low speed to make cleaning more effective.


The centrifuge is mounted on inertia platform and suspended over four vibration-isolating dampers. This provides the following unique advantages:

  • No foundation required
  • Modular Design with Complete Flexibility to relocate the centrifuge anywhere in the plant.
  • Drive system (Belt & Pulleys) totally enclosed and can be purged with Nitrogen gas (Flameproof Design).

CAKE SENSOR (Mechanical / Ultrasonic):

Can be provided to limit the cake thickness in the basket. The range of the cake thickness can be adjusted to avoid material overflow.

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