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Pharma Peeler Centrifuge

Sukhras : At the very center of the Pharma Sector

To rise on the wings of a rising star,
To reach the heights of young mountain,
To attain stillness at the very center…

The vison and aspirations of a company specializing in manufacture of centrifuges.
As the pharmaceutical field becomes one of the fastest growing sectors , Sukhras gets set for heights greater than ever before.

A look at our past
High value and high quality products , FDA, cGMP, cleaning in place system validation , sterile processing in he clean room atmosphere, backed by flexibility of economics are the needs of the pharma process industry in this millennium.

In this scenario , Sukhras has successfully established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of industrial centrifuges , in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
To retain this worldwide reputation, the R&D team at Sukhras is constantly working to improve technology. To this end , we have various types of centrifuges and centrifuge systems in the past 35 years. These are among the finest, most reliable and economical machines, always endeavouring to advance the technology.

Our portfolio
Pharma Peeler Centrifuge Machines

To help the pharmaceutical process industry keep pace with ever changing demands, Sukhras has introduced the latest range of PHARMA PEELER CENTRIFUGE MACHINES.

Unique Features

  • The combination of filtration and drying operation: As both the operations are performed in separate equipment (Centrifuge and Dryer respectively) ; the system has a distinct advantage over filtration + Drying Systems.
  • High speed rotating machines, classified as HIGH G centrifuges.
  • Designed for ease of cleaning and validation with full access to all process wetted parts, assured by a fully openable casing.
  • An effective residual heel removing system ensures almost complete removal of the cake after each centrifuging lots.
  • The CIP cleaning system ensures effective and faster cleaning of centrifuge internal for product.
  • BASKET: The centrifuge basket made of solid stainless steel or alloy material, as per the process requirements; is machined to a close tolerance all over and heat treated for stress relieving and better corrosion resistance.
  • CENTRIFUGE MAIN FRAME: The centrifuge basket, bearing assembly and jacket , is horizontally mounted on a stainless steel main frame.
  • CENTRIFUGE SUSPENSION: The centrifuge is suspended over four points on vibration isolating spring inputs. The vibration isolating mounts are of maintenance free design, designed with springs and filled with viscous fluid to arrest vibrations. The use of these types of mounts eliminates the need for concrete foundation for centrifuge system. The centrifuge support structure/ floor should be capable of withstanding static load of the system.
  • CENTRIFUGE MONITORING CASING (JACKET): The basket monitoring case is of conical shape and having full opening design. The process line connection and peeler mechanisms are mounted on the front side of the case. The design and manufacturing of the case is such that there are no dead corners where solids are usually accumulated.
  • BEARING HOUSING ASSEMBLY: The main shaft is fitted with a combination of cylindrical roller bearing, and angular contact ball bearings. The bearings are oil lubricated with oil circulating power station, which continuously circulates the oil throughout the operation of the centrifuging cycle. The bearing is housed in gas tight construction, fitted with specially designed PTFE lip seals.
  • PEELER ASSEMBLY: The peeler of the centrifuge is actuated by hydraulic cylinder, the peelers shaft assembly, having blade and mounting arrangement ; designed and located over the discharge chute, so that scrapped cake directly falls in the chute and gets discharged. The peeler plow assembly and discharge chute have high polished surface, with no dead corners for solid accumulations. The high polish ensures that material is subjected to minimum resistance when being discharged.
  • CHARGE DETECTOR: Electronic Probe type charge detector is installed on the centrifuge machine to limit the maximum cake thickness. This system ensures the overfilling of the centrifuge basket.
  • CLEANING IN PLACE SYSTEM (CIP): The centrifuge process area is fitted specially designed CIP nozzles. These nozzles are strategically located to ensure that during the entire process area is cleaned and can be validated. The basket monitoring casing (jacket) is fully openabe for cleaning validation purpose, allowing convenient access area. The CIP system and full opening design give greater ease for change of one batch to another of the same product in cGMP and USFD approved manufacturing plants
  • HEEL BLOWBACK SYSTEM: The centrifuge machine is fitted with rest cake heel blowback system. After each scraping cycle, a residual heel remains on the basket wall, which is not desired in the process. The pneumatic blowback heel removal system consists of a fix tube mounted on the outside of the basket . The gas flow effects a short lifting of the filter cloth, thus the heel cake drops in the discharge chute. This system ensures that there is almost no material left inside the basket after peeler operation.
  • DRIVE AND MOTOR: The electric motor is employed for the centrifuge operation. The transmission is through belt and pulley. The entire drive system along with motor is installed in the centrifuge drive chamber, which is of gas tight design. The drive chamber is fitted with special cooling system to cool the motor. The electric motor is controlled by means of AC variable speed drive to vary the basket speed for the different process cycles of the centrifuge machine. The drive is fitted with dynamic brake system for the basket.
  • CYCLIC AUTOMATION: All the process cycles of the centrifuge operation are automated through Programmable Logic Controller. The instruments mounted on the machine will communicate with the PLC system, ensuring that all the centrifuge processes are performed as per the logic program designed, specific to the process.
  • VIBRATION MONITORING SYSTEM: The centrifuge is fitted with vibration monitoring system. The system continuously monitors the vibration levels of the centrifuge machine during the entire operation. The output signal from the system is given to PLC system is given PLC system , which will control the centrifuge operation as per the information received.
  • TEMPERATURE MONITORING SYSTEM FOR MAIN BEARINGS: The centrifuge main bearing housing is fitted with temperature sensors , which continuously measures the temperature rise in side the bearing housing. The system is supplied with temperature indicators and controller, which will communicate with the PLC system.

Technical Specifications:
Centrifuge Type Unit SHP
Basket Diameter mm. 630 630 800 1000
Basket Depth mm. 160 320 400 500
Volume Lts. 20 40 80 170
Max Load Kgs. 25 50 100 215
Max. Rotation Speed rpm. 2400 2400 1900 1500
Max. Centrifugal Acceleration g. 2000 2000 1600 1250
Motor Performance kW 7.5 11 18.5 30
Net Weight Kg 2300 2500 4400 7500




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